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I owe my son's life to this device

Emma Cummings

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Featuring a unique vibration stimulus designed to rouse your baby
if no breathing is detected

Monitors your baby's breathing
movement while they sleep

Gently vibrates to rouse your baby
after 15 seconds of no breathing motion

Sounds a loud alarm after 20 seconds
of no breathing motion

If you travel frequently or want a monitor that stimulates the baby into movement (a unique function in our experience), then the Snuza HeroSE is an excellent choice. It doesn’t require a particular bedding setup like the sensor pads.


How to use your Snuza HeroSE

1 Unbox your device, turn it on and adjust settings to suit your needs. These settings include the option to 'hear' your baby breathing with an audible tick that sounds every time your baby takes a breath, or rather a green light that flashes with each breath.
2 Clip onto your baby's diaper so that it sits squarely, ensuring a snug fit with the sensor tip in contact with the tummy.
3 Get a good night's sleep knowing your Snuza device will alert you if baby’s breathing movement stops.

I can't say how much I love this thing. It keeps me sane because I can actually sleep. I love that the light is just bright enough for me to see blinking on the ceiling so I can lay in any position and still look up and have peace of mind that she’s breathing! It’s super light and portable and the battery lasts a super long time.

- Courtney Willis

Why Parents Love Snuza

Lightweight and portable. No
wires, cords or complicated
sensor pads needed.

Made out of medical grade plastic
and silicone. BPA, Phthalate, Lead
and Latex free

Easily clips to your
baby's diaper


Get your Snuza HeroSE today,
the highest-rated baby movement monitor on Amazon

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